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Thank you, Berkshire County - Andrea Harrington, District Attorney-Elect

Thank you to the people of Berkshire County for your faith and confidence. Andrea was elected as the Berkshire County District Attorney by a landslide! Thank you to all the volunteers and supporters that made up this amazing team!
Read more about Andrea’s victory here.


I grew up here in the Berkshires – right down the road. I went to Pittsfield public schools. My family has been in the Berkshires for generations – working for Sprague Electric and GE, and as farmers, carpenters and housekeepers. In my family, you simply worked hard.

My grandmother, Janet Blasioli, started working at GE mopping the floors. A supervisor asked her if she knew how to type. She told him that she did indeed and when she sat down at that typewriter – for the very first time in her life – she learned how to type, one hunt and peck at a time.

That legacy of a strong work ethic and pushing personal limits has instilled in me the grit that is required to tackle tough problems.