I grew up here in the Berkshires – right down the road. I went to Pittsfield public schools. My family has been in the Berkshires for generations – working for Sprague Electric and GE, and as farmers, carpenters and housekeepers. In my family, you simply worked hard.

Andrea and her husband, Tim, and sons, Frankie (left) and Ennis (right).

I was lucky to have opportunities that my grandparents did not. I graduated from college and then law school. My fifteen years practicing criminal defense and civil litigation has informed my vision for a modern district attorney’s office that vigorously prosecutes dangerous criminals while enhancing public safety through effective prevention programs.

My work on cases ranging from minor low-level offenses to the highest stakes post-conviction death penalty appeals in state and federal trial and appellate courts has provided me with the tools and experience needed to reform criminal justice here in Berkshire County. The high crime rates and devastating opioid epidemic in our community are proof positive that the old guard’s approach to drugs and crime has failed our community. I will bring new leadership and a new direction to the District Attorney’s office by bringing tough prosecutions in serious cases like sexual assault, prioritizing treatment over incarceration for people who need it, and ending the shameful scourge of racial bias here in Berkshire County. I am committed to building a safe community where all of our children and grandchildren will thrive.